PSG Security at Sackville Hotel Solotel

Pat Douglas

The Sackville Hotel

When it came time to review the security contractor at the Sackville Hotel, PSG was an easy choice, their professionalism and compliance shines through in their level of work and attention to detail, which means I can rest easy knowing that my security teams cares about the pub as much as I do.

PSG Security at Sackville Hotel Solotel

Erica Flack-Suttor

Event Manager
The Three Williams

I’m stoked we found you guys! It is refreshing to have such incredible communication in the lead up and I’m blown away by the fantastic guards that were provided. Who knew it could be this easy!?


Myles Plenty

The Great Northern Hotel

“PSG are always exceeding my expectations, going above and beyond to ensure my needs are met. Their guards are well-trained, do an amazing job and are professional and pro-active.”

Hyde Park House - PSG Security

Adrienne Brown

General Manager
Hyde Park House

PSG is the best security company I have worked with in my career in Sydney. Guards are professional and well trained. The most important point for me is how easy they are to contact with any issues. If you have any problems they are resolved almost on the spot. Highly recommended!

Arthouse Hotel PSG Security

Ben McBeath

The Arthouse Hotel

The new Security team are on point! They bring so much presence and initiative.

Brian McGettigan

The Eastern

Thank you for providing a strong, professional team of guards that are polite, level-headed and proactive.


Ranen Sidhu

Building Manager

I’d like to express my gratitude in regards to the outstanding service provided by PSG Security at The Moreton complex in Bondi. The security guards rostered on within our building showcase the utmost diligence and responsiveness with their actions on-site. It has been a pleasure to work with several members of PSG as well as the company itself. Thank you for providing a professional, yet safe working environment for residents within our building. 


PSG has been able to provide ongoing support, despite unexpected short turnarounds, and irrespective of the notice, the guards assigned on-site have demonstrated well-versed knowledge and action throughout their tenure on duty. Thank you once again for issuing quality service and safety around the complex.   


Christian Yan

Building Manager

The team at PSG security have been a pleasure to work with. PSG have supplied us with a team of efficient and accommodating concierge and security staff members.


PSG’s expertise has helped us run our residential site which consists of two buildings at St. Leonard’s Square and houses over 1000 residents and various commercial businesses.


PSG have been fluid in their ongoing duties and have professionally adapted when needed during this difficult COVID-19 lockdown.

Thanks again!


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The Barrie
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